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והתדיינות משפטית

Shareholder Advocacy


We serve as a voice for shareholders by, e.g.:

  • representing stakeholders in challenges to a company's refusal to include a resolution in its proxy materials;

  • representing shareholder coalitions challenging SEC actions as rulemaking in violation of the Administrative Procedures Act; and

  • representing stakeholders petitioning for changes to rules and SEC interpretations


Shareholders' investments in public companies enable those companies to carry on their business. The shareholders are the "owners" of the business. The company's board of directors oversees and formulates policy, and management implements the policies approved by the board. Certain corporate actions are subject to the approval of shareholders. Shareholders - sometimes individual owners and more often institutional shareholders such as mutual funds and pension funds - often maintain communications with management to convey information about issues of interest and keep the lines of communication open. We can help foster those communications.

At times, direct communications become difficult or fail to garner responses that satisfy investors. Once that occurs, shareholders must then rely on legal measures in an attempt to get the responses they seek. We help strategize how best to approach the situation, and take whatever steps are necessary to carry out the chosen strategy.



Impact Litigation

In matters where an outcome potentially has great social significance, stakeholders engage in what is often a multifaceted litigation strategy to advocate for a certain result. We represent individuals or groups of stakeholders - whether parties or amicus curiae - to set forth their interests and participate in the challenge. As a Public Benefit Corporation, R|K Invest Law takes great pride in participating in matters that support ESG initiatives and that benefit civil society.

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