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General Counsel Services

Fraud and asset tracing

  • Recovered a client’s full investment from a popular exchange, its unrealised gains and loss of profit (that the client would have earned from intended investments had funds not been unlawfully withheld).
  • Advised a high-net-worth client and obtained an injunction over a valuable piece of property located overseas.

Lawsuits (dispute resolution/commercial litigation)

  • Tulip Trading Ltd v Bitcoin Association for BSV & Others: Advising Tulip Trading Ltd. on a claim for the recovery of $5billion worth bitcoin stolen by unknown hackers and for the blockchain developers to be obliged to assist in the restoration under the claim.
  • Dr Craig Steven Wright v Cobra: Advising Dr. Craig S Wright on his claim against the individual behind the pseudonym “Cøbra”, managing website unlawfully publishing the Bitcoin Whitepaper in breach of intellectual property rights.
  • Dr Craig Steven Wright v Crypto Open Patent Alliance (“COPA”): Advising Dr. Craig S Wright on his defence against claim by COPA the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (“COPA”) challenging Dr Craig S Wright’s intellectual property rights over the Bitcoin Whitepaper.
  • Dr Craig Steven Wright v Magnus Granath: Advising Dr. Craig S. Wright on his defamation claim against Norwegian Bitcoin-influencer Magnus Granath.
  • Dr Craig Steven Wright v Peter McCormack: Advising Dr. Craig S. Wright on his defamation claim against English podcaster and radio speaker Peter McCormack.
  • Dr Craig Steven Wright v Roger Ver: Advising Dr. Craig S. Wright on his defamation claim against Bitcoin investor Roger Ver.
  • Dr Craig Steven Wright v Ethereum World News: Advising Dr. Craig S. Wright on his defamation claim against blockchain media channel Ethereum World News.
  • Ira Kleiman v Dr Craig Steven Wright: Advising Dr. Craig S. Wright on depositions required as part of Ira Kleiman v Craig S. Wright proceedings before Southern District of Florida’s District Court.
  • Dr Craig Steven Wright v Vitalik Buterin: Advised Dr. Craig S. Wright on his defamation claim against computer programmer Vitalik Buterin and Ethereum Foundation.
  • Dr Craig Steven Wright v Adam Back: Advised Dr. Craig S. Wright on his defamation claim against businessman and cryptographer Adam Back.

Frozen accounts

  • Acted in successful English High Court proceedings against Reliantco Investments Ltd, a digital asset and securities exchange which blocked and seized a substantial amount from a client’s trading account.

Corporate, equity and regulation

  • The Tulip Trust: Advising Dr. Craig S. Wright on restructuring of The Tulip Trust.
  • Fabriik Alpha Ltd: Advising Fabriik Alpha Ltd. and the Bayesian Group on various corporate and commercial matters.
  • SATEC S.A. and Netflix: Advising media company SATEC on its multi-million Euro contract with Netflix.
  • Mahou S.A.:Advised Spanish company Mahou S.A. on a distribution agreement in the UK with famous pubs and restaurants franchiser Fullers, Smith & Turner Plc.
  • Virgin Green Fund: Advised Richard Branson on his disclosure requirements under the DTR with regards to a significant investment in a cleantech company located in the Caribbean.
  • Limited: Advised the Advent funded Portuguese/Brazilian online retailer on their share option scheme.
  • Bertelsmann A.G.: Advised on the international reorganisation of the German media giant.
  • Sotheby's: Advised Sotheby's International on the sale of its Mayfair based estate agency to Countrywide Plc.
  • Tokenized Ltd: Advised Smart Contracts and Vanilla IP and nChain on a multi-million-pound investment into, a company designing a system for tokenisation of digital assets on the bitcoin blockchain.
  • Vestas Wind Systems A/S: Advised Vestas, a listed Danish wind turbine company, on multi-million pound installations in Jordan, Korea and Europe.
  • Carlos Slim: Advised Mexican property magnate Carlos Slim on corporate debt finance matters including company securitisation.
  • Snapbook General Trading Company LLC: Advised on the multi-million-pound investment into and the Snapbook App by Faith Capital, a venture capital investment firm.
  • Intelligent Data Technologies Limited and Toshiba: Advised Intelligent Data Technologies Limited on the multi-million-pound debt and equity financing and purchase of the artificial intelligence software business from Toshiba Information Systems (UK) Limited.
  • Sainsbury's Bank Plc: Advised Sainsbury's Bank Plc on their joint venture agreement with HBOS.
  • Caxia Bank: Advised Caxia Bank on loan agreements, data protection matters and FCA regulation.

Data protection

  • Hyperloop Solutions Ltd: Advising Hyperloop on various Information Technology (“IT”) service activities.
  • Telefónica S.A.:Advised Spanish company Telefónica on a number of data protection issues in the UK, including data breaches affecting thousands of customers.
  • 02 Insure: Implemented the GDPR compliance program for 02 Insure, an arm of Telefonica SA and completing major data mapping exercises.
  • Obica: Implementing a GDPR compliance program for Obica restaurants, a multinational restaurant chain.
  • Google, Bing and Yahoo: Submitted Right to Be Forgotten requests to Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Challenged Right to Be Forgotten submissions with the Information Commissioners Office.

Financial services and fintech

  • Advised a major payment services company on EU financial services regulations.
  • Advised Telefonica Insurance on FSMA regulation in connection with their 1.5m mobile insurance customers.
  • Advised an artificial intelligence based hedge fund on their FSA authorisation.

Payment services

  • Advised a major payment services company on EU financial services regulations.
  • Advised banks and other clients on their obligations under the Payment Services Directive.

Intellectual property and technology

  • Drafted and advised on software licencing agreements (SAAS and otherwise).
  • Prepared trademark office applications and defended challenges from, for example, Deutsche Telekom AG.